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Ep 320 – Jeff Berwick

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Just So We’re Clear – You Know Trump is in Favor...

While many on both sides of the aisle believe that President Donald Trump is some sort of hardliner on immigration, let's not get ahead...


Paris Attacker

Paris Attacker Shouted “This is for Syria”

France's interior minister, Gérard Collomb, said during a news conference that the latest Paris attacker shouted "This is for Syria". He did so as he...

Grande Announces Benefit Concert. Refuses to Use “Muslim”, “Islam” or “Terrorism”...

Ariana Grande has announced that she will make a triumphant return to Manchester England to perform at a benefit concert. It was at the...

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Ep 320 – Jeff Berwick

jeff berwick
Jeff Berwick, the man behind the Dollar Vigilante joins Tim for a one-on-one chat about the coming economic and social collapse, and how we can...

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Alan Greenspan: Gold and Economic Freedom

Although Alan Greenspan was thought as the central banker who was responsible for creating the housing bubble by lowering interest rates down to 1%,...
fiat currency

Beginning of the End of Fiat Currency

The central bankers are beginning their move to get rid of cash. They've already conducted experiments of this in other countries. Different individuals at...
Audit the Fed

Ep 269 – Audit the Fed!

Audit the Fed! Sean Hannity won't talk about it, but Tim will. Janet Yellen, Chair of the Federal Reserve resisted Congress's request for transparency....


Investigation into the Death of Chester Bennington

The Internet has exploded in recent days announcing the investigation into Chester Bennington's death has not in fact ruled out murder, insinuating that the...

Eminem: Jim Carrey “Basically” Wrote My Album

Hip hop icon Eminem recently shared a picture on his Instagram which apparently gave a huge thanks to Jim Carrey. In 1998, Carrey starred...
kathy griffin

Kathy Griffin Apologizes for Trump Photo

Kathy Griffin has formally apologized for the photoshoot she took which showed her holding an effigy of President Trump's head. She posted her apology...



Why 1033 is a Massive Mistake

When you start to confuse the separation of civilian law enforcement and military, it becomes difficult for us to distinguish the difference between the...



Perv O’Reilly Launches Terrible Paid Podcast

Days after being ousted from Fox News, Bill O'Reilly is back at it. He didn't get an offer from another news network (and don't...

Dear Mister President: Auto Insurance

Dear Mister President, Fucking shit. I just got off the phone with my automobile insurance company, and by god I am pissed. My insurance doubled. You...

Raiders Welcomed to Vegas with Open Arms… and Open Legs

Many Oakland Raiders fans were beyond disappointed when they learned that the team had finally made a deal to leave the city in search...


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