Attention Americans! Time to Wake Up!

Its been roughly 7 months since our widely publicized election. Since then we have endured a long, tumultuous road of messy rhetoric aimed at...

There is No Choice, Only Illusion

We are as the American people are getting the shortest straw. No matter who we elect- the results are the same. The tech giants...

Is This Why Steve Scalise Was Shot?

Was Congressman Steve Scalise shot and critically wounded because of his work going after sex trafficking suspects? An investigative journalist by the name of...

Terrorism Isn’t as Big a Threat as They Say. They Lied to You.

Terrorism is not as big a deal as the media would have us believe. Turn on Fox News or listen to conservative talk radio...
seth rich

Seth Rich or Russia. What’s the Better Conspiracy Theory?

A lot has been made of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory lately. Fox News host Sean Hannity's credibility has been called into question for...

What is Going on with Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are showing their volatility quite a bit lately. Bitcoin has made an incredible run from $1000 at the beginning of the year to...

Grande Announces Benefit Concert. Refuses to Use “Muslim”, “Islam” or “Terrorism” in Statement

Ariana Grande has announced that she will make a triumphant return to Manchester England to perform at a benefit concert. It was at the...
julian assange

Julian Assange Cleared of Rape Allegations

Julian Assange, founder and head of Wikileaks, has been the subject of numerous investigations and allegations. According to Republicans during the Bush years, he...
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