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On Hiatus

As regular listeners know, I'm uprooting myself from Wisconsin and moving to the Valley of the Sun: Phoenix, Arizona. This means that literally I...
foreign policy

5 Books That Will Make You Question American Foreign Policy

I spent many years supporting American intervention in the middle east. I saw Afghanistan as a nation that harbored terrorists, Iraq as a country...
stock market

Stock Market at All-time highs. What’s Really Going On?

The stock market is doing well. The Dow Jones is near all-time highs, and a stock like Apple is skyrocketing. Is it the free...

5 Books That Turned Me From A Conservative to a Libertarian

Being a libertarian isn't something that many necessarily think they are. I've often said that most people are libertarians; they just don't know it....

Thoughts on “Supporting the Troops”

Dear reader - I surely hope you do not think the worst of me after reading this. What is written below is meant to...

America Isn’t #1 At Anything Meaningful

Disclaimer: I write this knowing full well the backlash I may receive after readers are finished digesting this post. What I am writing is...

Why 1033 is a Massive Mistake

When you start to confuse the separation of civilian law enforcement and military, it becomes difficult for us to distinguish the difference between the...

5 Reasons to Oppose War and Empire

I am occasionally finding myself dumbstruck while conversing, arguing, or debating someone who agrees with many libertarian and conservative principles yet insists on a...