Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episodes

Ep 230 – Pervert Politicians

Tim and Ande start off the podcast with a brief chat about strip clubs, but quickly delve into the world of pervert politicians. Anthony...

Ep 229 – Resurrecting Remso

Remso Martinez, host of the Remso Republic, joins Tim for a full hour to talk about the state of the nation today. Congress, the...
seth rich

Ep 228 – Seth Rich: Robbery or Assassination?

Tim and Ande discuss the conspiracy surrounding Seth Rich. Rich was a DNC staffer who was robbed and killed last year. Weirdly though, his...

Ep 227 – Sologamy? WTF?!

Co-host Ande Mac is BACK and shares with Tim a new interesting relationship called "sologamy", where people marry themselves. What has happened to American society?...

Ep 226 – The Judges Are Idiots!

Judges, sadly are not immune from idiocy, which exactly what was on display as three circuit court judges heard arguments for and against Trump's...

Ep 225 – Pitbulls, Unions, and James Comey

Unions in France are threatening to blow up a factory if their demands are not met. What is the difference between terrorists and unions?...

Ep 224 – Comey Sucked #WithFewExceptions

Tim discusses the firing of James Comey and the conspiracy theory that emerged about his departure being related to the Russia investigation. Tim points...

Ep 223 – Defending DeVos

Betsey DeVos is under attack and it's time for conservatives and libertarians to defend her! School choice benefits the disenfranchised children of America, yet...
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