jeff berwick

Ep 320 – Jeff Berwick

thomas dilorenzo
darryl perry

Ep 318 – Darryl Perry

Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episodes
ian freeman

Ep 317 – Ian Freeman

Host of Free Talk Live, Ian Freeman, joins Tim for a chat on all things liberty. The two discuss Ian's journey from an AM station...
scott horton

Ep 316 – Scott Horton

The week of guests starts off strong with an appearance by Scott Horton. Scott is the Managing Director for the Libertarian Institute, an editor...

Ep 315 – Dissecting Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders made it to the podium this week to introduce a plan for "Medicare for all". What he fails to realize is...
Trade and Tariffs

Ep 314 – Trade and Tariffs

Tim and Ande get into a discussion on international trade and tariffs. Since taking office, Donald Trump has convinced enough people that free trade...
ted cruz

Ep 313 – Ted Cruz, Bullies, and Pedophiles

Ted Cruz had a bit of a "whoops" moment early Tuesday morning. Apparently he (or a "staffer") 'liked' a pornographic Twitter post, and his...

Ep 312 – Understanding Islam

In the days surrounding 9/11, many on the "right" or "alt-right" openly show their ignorance by painting all of Islam with a broad brush....
economic nationalism

Ep 311 – Economic Nationalism vs Economic Freedom

In a 60 Minutes interview, Steve Bannon made it painfully clear that he favors what he calls "economic nationalism". What IS that though? Quite simply,...

Ep 310 – Trump Sold Us Out

During his campaign, Donald Trump spoke about the nation's out of control spending and debt - but that was as a candidate, now he's in office,...