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Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episodes
unintended consequences

Ep 364 – Unintended Consequences

Those on "the right" agree that unintended consequences are a real problem. The left pats itself on the back because of their intentions, but...

363 – Washington’s Creeps

The creeps in Washington DC aren't enjoying the spotlight shining on them. New reports are coming forward that interns and assistants in our nation's...
sexual slush fund

Ep 362 – Congressional Sexual Slush Fund

Did you know Congress gave itself a loophole in sexual harassment cases, and has taxpayer funded sexual slush fund to pay out hush money...
Trans Racialism

Ep 361 – Have a Laugh: Trans Racialism

Having trouble with people being transgender? Then you're going to be completely dumbfounded by trans racialism. There's a growing group of people who believe...

Ep 360 – Citizen of the Year: Kaepernick?

Fashion magazine GQ has named unemployed former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick its "Citizen of the Year". In the article (which is accompanied by numerous...
roy moore

Ep 359 – Roy Moore is a No-Win Candidate

Roy Moore is just about the most controversial politician in America this week. Sean Hannity, who has urged his viewers to give Moore the...
Roy Moore

EP 358 – Roy Moore Joins Weinstein?

Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for Jeff Sessions' U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, is being accused of sexual assault of multiple women, including a...

Ep 357 – When Your Allies Are Evil

Evil comes in many forms and some are more obvious than others. The current Saudi blockade of Yemen is something that isn't talked about...