Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episodes

Ep 275 – Goodbye Spicer, Hello Scaramucci

With the new appointment of Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Director, Sean Spicer decided it was time to leave his position as Press Secretary. Sarah...
stefanie macwilliams

Ep 274 – Stefanie MacWilliams

Tim welcomes Stefanie MacWilliams to the show this Friday. The main stream media has failed the American public, and Stef's company, Halsey Media, has...
Conspiracy Theories

Ep 273 – Conspiracy Theories

Who doesn't love conspiracy theories? 9/11, JFK, flat earth, the list goes on. But really - ask the conspiracy theorist to give their best...
six months

Ep 272 – Six Months In

President Trump is celebrating his first six months in office by saying outright falsehoods such as passing more legislation than any other president EVER....

Ep 271 – Coulter vs Delta

Ann Coulter, NYT Bestselling author, conservative activist, and professional provocateur, went on a Twitter tirade all over her special seat being taken on a...

Ep 270 – Chicago’s Death Toll

Will no politician actually doing anything about Chicago's death toll? Just this past weekend 10 people were murdered and almost 40 were shot. Donald...
Audit the Fed

Ep 269 – Audit the Fed!

Audit the Fed! Sean Hannity won't talk about it, but Tim will. Janet Yellen, Chair of the Federal Reserve resisted Congress's request for transparency....

Ep 268 – Scarborough Rejects the GOP

Before Tim digs into Joe Scarborough, he tells the story of last year's Christmas Eve. Tim and Brian traveled to downtown Milwaukee to give to...
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