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julian assange

Julian Assange Cleared of Rape Allegations

Julian Assange, founder and head of Wikileaks, has been the subject of numerous investigations and allegations. According to Republicans during the Bush years, he...

Snowden Signs Petition Urging Clemency for Assange

Edward Snowden, the man who has taken refuge in Moscow to avoid American authorities, is among the first 100 people who signed an open petition...

France: Workers Threaten to Blow Up Factory if it Closes

Union workers in central France are threatening to blow up a factory that is near closure. The plant manufactures auto parts for Renault and Peugeot,...

Vodka Bottle Used to Fight Off Armed Man

Never limit the use of vodka to having a good night out on the town. A vodka bottle was used along with a chair...
north koreavideo

WATCH: North Korea in 10 Minutes

What is up with those North Koreans? Since I was young they've been a pain in the butt. In under 10 minutes, find out...
north korea

The North Korean Power Struggle

For years, DECADES, North Korea has been seen by the West as a volatile state, struggling to obtain nuclear weapons with the long term...

Trump on Assange – Let the Flip Flopping Continue

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump couldn't help being happy with Julian Assange and Wikileaks. It seemed as though the leaking organization was strongly...

OPCW Blocks Russian Investigation of Chemical Weapons in Syria

Following the use of chemical weapons on civilians in Idlib Syria, the United States was quick to point the finger at Bashar al-Assad and...