‘Breaking Bad’ is a ‘Walking Dead’ Prequel in Wild Fan Theory Video

November 7, 2016
November 7, 2016 Spot Williams

‘Breaking Bad’ is a ‘Walking Dead’ Prequel in Wild Fan Theory Video

For quite some time there’s been a fan theory that claims that “Breaking Bad” is the prequel to “The Walking Dead.” While it seems far-fetched, a new videoby Netflix dives deeper into this theory and links the two series together. 

“What if ‘Breaking Bad’ was about more than Walter White starting as a bumbling chemistry teacher and turning himself into a full fledged monster?,” the voiceover begins. “What if he turned everyone into full-fledged monsters?”

According to the theory Walter White may have accidentally started the zombie apocalypse with his Blue Sky meth.

The claim is pretty ambitious but the clip states that “the theory points to a few smoking guns that are pretty compelling when you put them together.” How so? The supporting evidence is broken down using four clues, including the appearance of blue meth in a episode of “TWD.”

“In episode 2 of ‘The Walking Dead,’ we see Merle’s hidden stash of drugs,” says the voiceover. “It conspicuously showcases Blue Sky meth, the unique drug that turned Walter White into Heisenberg.”

It also hints that there’s a link between the Dodge that Walter gave his son, Gus Fring, and the quote “I’m going to kill you b*tch.”

Check out the video below.




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