The Most Vilified People in America

January 9, 2017
January 9, 2017 Tim Preuss

The Most Vilified People in America

The Golden Globe Awards – where Hollywood millionaires gather once a year to pat each other on the back and congratulate themselves on doing what they do best: play make believe. However, the world of the silver screen has fallen on hard times, and is filled with the most vilified and oppressed people – actors and actresses.

That is the case if you agree with Meryl Streep, who said during her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes,

“Thank you, Hollywood, foreigners, press. Just to pick up on what Hugh Laurie said, you and all of us in this room, really, belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now. Think about it. Hollywood, foreigners, and the press.”

I wonder how police feel now that they’ve been told Hollywood elites are more vilified than they are. Not only do the men and women in blue save countless lives everyday, but do so while being yelled at, attacked, and having their every move questioned by the liberal media.

I wonder how Trump supporters feel now that they’ve been told that the press is more vilified than they are. In fact, they were vilified so much that they wouldn’t even be honest about who they were voting for when asked the question by pollsters, which led to all polling leading up to the election being completely wrong.

I wonder how minorities for Trump feel now that they’ve been told that foreigners are more vilified than they are. A minority who votes Republican is ostracized from their community, labeled as an “Uncle Tom”, and shunned by liberals who treat them as idiots for voting for anyone who didn’t have a D next to their name.

If anyone is in charge of vilifying people, it is specifically Hollywood and the press. Hollywood vilifies Americans who just want a job so they can provide for their families, so they voted for Trump. Hollywood vilifies anyone who isn’t a part of a protected class, the “privileged”. If you are a white straight male, that’s enough to be vilified by Hollywood.

The press vilifies truth seekers and whistle blowers. Julian Assange is vilified for doing what they wouldn’t do – tell the truth. Hackers are vilified for finally delivering on the Democrats promise of transparency. Russia and Vladimir Putin are vilified for something that hasn’t even been proven they did.

No, Meryl. You aren’t the most vilified. You are the people who DO the vilifying. The American public is the most vilified.




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Tim Preuss

Tim Preuss is the founder and CEO of Preuss Media LLC. Along with writing for, he hosts the Tim Preuss Podcast Monday through Friday, available on iTunes, and regularly interviews prominent personalities within the liberty community.
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