Americans Should Not Want WWIII

April 8, 2017
April 8, 2017 Tim Preuss

Americans Should Not Want WWIII

The recent attacks by America on a Syrian airbase conducted unilaterally by President Donald Trump has provided the spark for what could turn out to be a long and painful war with Russia. As some Americans applaud the action taken, calling it justified and needed, others are taking a step back to examine the situation overall. Unfortunately, those who choose to be cautious are now being attacked by their former “allies” of the “right”.

Radio talk show host Mark Levin blasted any who opposed Trump’s intervention in Syria as “Putin lovers”. We who would not want to risk a war are somehow America haters, we’re siding with Russia, and we ought to be ashamed. The level headed are thrown in the group with outright lefties, communists, Occupy Wall Street, and 1960s hippies. We’re “politicizing” war, and we should shut up and let the government do what it does best – generate revenue for the military industrial complex.

The thought of WWIII is something that Trump-backers seem in love with. America has the strongest military in the world, and its about damn time we retake our rightful role as “leaders” of the world. It’s us against them, and our team is awesome! Nationalism has blinded the right.

ZeroHedge recently reported that Russia and China have made a deal and are working on a system to use exclusively gold when trading with each other. The world’s second largest economy and the world’s twelfth largest economy are no longer using the dollar, and are instead switching not to a different fiat currency, but to gold.

This switch to gold by Russia and China does two things. It will mean that the demand for the dollar declines. Money is like any other good or service; it reacts to supply and demand. Lower demand means that its “price” declines, meaning it is worth less. A dollar that is worth less means it buys fewer goods and services. The U.S. dollar could be headed for a collapse.

The switch to gold will also mean an increased demand for gold. As two world superpowers decide to use gold itself as a medium of exchange, that means these two super powers demand more of it. This doesn’t just put pressure on the Russian and Chinese gold markets, but gold all over the world. Should a war between Russia and the United States actually take place, expect gold prices to skyrocket.

Russia and China are far better positioned to deal with these large market reactions to a war than the United States. For years, Russia and China have been stockpiling gold. In 2015 China reported that its gold reserves had increased to over 1,600 metric tons, but many believe that number is actually closer to 3,000. Russia’s reported numbers (again, taken with a grain of salt) are said to be in the 1300 ton range. And America? Well… many believe that Fort Knox is straight up empty.

The dollar isn’t backed by gold, so an increase in the value of gold will hurt the dollar, and help Russia and China. America’s economy itself is pumped up by the printing of dollars, the Federal Reserve holding interest rates artificially low, and massive government debt. Debt that is owed, in part, to the Chinese government itself – about $1.3 trillion.

America’s massive debt is unparalleled by either Russia or China, both in terms of the amount of debt, or the debt to GDP ratio. America’s debt is well over 100% of GDP, compared to China’s 43% and Russia’s 12%. America is saddled with debt, and the amount increases every year. With a government shutdown on the horizon, a new budget will be written up, most likely with increases in military expenditures – and even more debt. This is a true national security disaster waiting to happen.

Yes, America has the finest military in the world, but it has only been able to afford that military because of all the suckers who bought it. Now, those suckers are turning their backs on America, coming to the realization that the debt will never be paid off because the American economy itself is propped up by even more debt.

To keep America safe takes a lot of money, and it takes even more money to wage endless wars and perform the duties of world police. Being in this position for so long has led America to be in grave danger if it were ever to wage war with an enemy other than third world terrorist groups. America is not suited to start a war with Russia. America is not suited to start a war with China. America is not suited or economically ready for WWIII. Being against WWIII does not mean “pro-Putin”. It means pro-American. Those who live in a glass house should not throw stones.




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Tim Preuss

Tim Preuss is the founder and CEO of Preuss Media LLC. Along with writing for, he hosts the Tim Preuss Podcast Monday through Friday, available on iTunes, and regularly interviews prominent personalities within the liberty community.
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