Tim spends the first part of the podcast telling Ande of the ordeal of bringing his Dodge Viper back to life. After trying to jump start the cammed-out V10, Tim and his neighbors pushed the car down the street, attempting to pop-start it. No luck. Eventually, the Viper started, and is now is running order.

Tim and Ande also discuss the recent London terrorist attacks. Are “evil Muslims” as big of a threat as the media claims? Maybe we should focus on inner city crime, because far more Americans are killed due to gang violence than terrorism.

What is the solution to Islamic terrorism? Maybe ALLOW people to defend themselves! Let British citizens carry firearms so they can shut down terrorist attacks before multiple innocent lives are lost. The solution isn’t government. It’s allowing people to be free!

After London Attack, Prime Minister Says, ‘Enough Is Enough’

[Listen to Ep 239 – Goodbye, Paris Agreement]

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