Ep 243 – Comey Testifies Again

June 8, 2017
June 8, 2017 Tim Preuss

Ep 243 – Comey Testifies Again

Former FBI Director James Comey gave his testimony (again), and it’s the only thing in the news. While he claimed that Donald Trump is a liar, he also admitted to leaking memos of privileged conversations with the President. Now the Trump administration is calling for an investigation into Comey himself – how much other information has he been leaking to the press?

There is other news besides the Comey hearing though. People are eating balloons to lose weight, a Maine H.S. just bought sports-Hijabs for all of its female Muslim athletes, and a new Hostel just opened right near Chernobyl. Also, a British couple was arrested for burning the Koran on Facebook, and a S&M parlor was shut down for not abiding by the fire code. Strange times.

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