The perversion in government doesn’t exclude nonpartisan organizations like NASA. Turns out that over a dozen NASA employees have been caught with porn on their government computers, sometimes including underage porn. Keep in mind that these are the people who’s brilliant minds concluded that the Earth is warming, despite only measuring the temperature of certain parts of it.

The people in Washington are just as flawed as any other American, if not more flawed. We must not put our faith in these people!

Tim and Ande also discuss a story where a young woman died after she received plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic – even though she wasn’t bad looking in the first place. Body dysmorphia is a mental problem, and normalizing sticking artificial boobs inside people is something that is overlooked.

NASA Pervs Called Their Porn ‘Art,’ Enjoyed Role-Playing As Children

Bronx Mom Dies After Botched Plastic Surgery

[LISTEN: Ep 230 – Pervert Politicians]

Texas toddlers die after being left in car 15 hours

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