Canada isn’t the only country that is appeasing the trannies! The Trump administration is focusing in on investigating “crimes” of not using the preferred gender pronoun of transgender students. A law was passed in Canada, but it’s happening here in America too, and Trump’s team is backing it! Tim was proven right. Donald Trump is a progressive!

Also, what is California doing about its homeless problem? San Jose is literally building walls to keep homeless people from making camps underneath bridges. #OMG! WTF is going on?!

Finally – Philly is hell bent on a soda tax, but it isn’t working. Poor people are finding ways around paying higher prices for their drinks. The government can’t outsmart high school drop outs. Let that sink in…

Trump admin: Schools can be investigated for not using transgender students’ preferred pronouns

[THROWBACK: Ep 142 – Trannies and Taxes]

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