Ep 271 – Coulter vs Delta

Ep 271 – Coulter vs Delta


Ann Coulter, NYT Bestselling author, conservative activist, and professional provocateur, went on a Twitter tirade all over her special seat being taken on a Delta flight. Delta responded, and plans on refunding Ann’s $30. Is this anything more than a silly stunt by a woman trying to feed her appetite for the limelight? No. She really is that childish.

Also, the GOP is backing off its efforts to replace Obamacare, and is now looking to solely repeal the current healthcare law. Mitch McConnell got caught lying to members of his own caucus, and lost the support he desperately needed to pass a replacement bill. Now, McConnell and Donald Trump are urging the Senate to simply repeal Obamacare.

The Death of Conservatism

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