Ep 301 – Hurricane Harvey

Ep 301 – Hurricane Harvey

hurricane harvey

Government is actively working to make Hurricane Harvey even worse than it already was. Local Houston officials encouraged residents to stay in their houses until it was too late. Even if folks wanted to leave at this time, hundreds of roads leading out of the city are now closed. Government failed to properly advise citizens about flooding, property damage, tornados, and other impending dangers.

Mike Rowe fired back at critics who see his nonpartisan operation to fill “dirty” jobs with hard working people as “racist” and supporting white nationalism.

Rex Tillerson chatted with Chris Wallace on Sunday. He insisted that the new push to expand military intervention in Afghanistan isn’t “more of the same”. The operations don’t have a timeline, and are based on “conditions”. Sadly, Tillerson and others within the Trump administration neglect to take into account the blowback associated with continued American presence in the middle east.

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