The news is out that militarizing the police is BACK! No longer will our poor police officers have to patrol the streets in Dodge Chargers – now they can ride in style. Military style. Surplus military equipment like armored vehicles will now be sold to local police departments. What could possibly go wrong?

Jeff Sessions even had the gaul to say that military equipment is needed in situations like Hurricane Harvey. How? That’s an unanswered question. Don’t bother asking “how”. They’ll never get back to you.

In little reported news – a U.S. led raid in Solalia killed 10 innocent civilians, and now the families are refusing to bury their lost loved ones until justice is dealt out. Until that time comes, they’re storing the bodies in a lobster freezer.

Trump lifts ban on military gear to local police forces

US Raid Killed Civilians, Not Militants: Somalia Army Chief

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