Tim discusses his recent Halsey News article, It’s Called Blowback, Stupid, an article that received more attention than expected. America’s foreign policy has consequences, and questioning this policy doesn’t make someone “anti-American” or mean that they don’t support the troops. Demagoguery put an end to the truth being aired.

Donald Trump is gearing up to repeal Obama’s DACA executive order, which could mean that children brought into the United States no longer have immunity and could potentially be deported. Who is to blame for this? Donald Trump, or the parents who knowingly brought their children into America illegally?

Recent BLS data shows that Americans are paying 41% more in taxes in the three year period of 2013-2016. Despite paying higher taxes, there are still sink holes in the middle of Brooklyn that are swallowing up regular citizens. What are we paying these higher taxes for?!

Tim’s Article on Halsey News

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