In the days surrounding 9/11, many on the “right” or “alt-right” openly show their ignorance by painting all of Islam with a broad brush. There was no good reason for the terrorist attacks of 2001, but by blaming a religion and refusing to acknowledge how American actions could have played a role, we condemn ourselves to a history that repeats itself.

While a good portion of America is blaming Muslims for terrorism, the main stream media is failing to report on a new lawsuit aimed at the Saudi government. The FBI has confirmed that “test flights” were paid for by the Saudi embassy years prior to the 9/11 attacks. Why is no one paying attention to this?

Follow the money. The war on terror has little to do with terror, and far more to do with the establishment power structure seeking to maintain and grow its control on the world. With every war fought, Americans are left with less freedom. How can this ever be seen as a “win”?

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