Rogan v. Crowder: FIGHT!!

February 17, 2017
February 17, 2017 Josh Carter

Rogan v. Crowder: FIGHT!!

If you haven’t yet seen Joe Rogan and Steven Crowder go toe to toe on marijuana legalization, I promise you, it’s pretty cringe-inducing. Yeah, we all know that Joe Rogan is big on weed, and we know Crowder personally probably doesn’t do it. So when Rogan set the stage by asking Crowder about his biases, and what he’d be open to changing his positions on (as he took a hit), and Crowder responded by saying he didn’t really care about the marijuana issue one way or another it prompted a further inquiry by Rogan.

As the conversation continued Crowder basically said that, while he didn’t care about the issue particularly, he didn’t buy all the talking points of the pro-Cannabis camp. Rogan bristled a little at this, prying further into the issue and eventually turning it into the biggest non-issue issue that I’ve heard on The Joe Rogan Experience thus far.

To be clear, I like Joe Rogan. I like his podcast, and many of his ideas about politics and culture. He has a great show. I’ve never seen him being a straight up dick to a guest like he was to Crowder. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not a Crowder fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, and when Crowder was called out on some of the flimsy rebuttals he made to an argument that he wasn’t interested in he did resort to calling Rogan and producer Jamie bullies for bringing up stats that debunked his claims. Ok Steve, next time you think about berating the Liberal snowflakes for being mad about cyber-bullying let’s remember this moment.

Joe Rogan shows us, in this exchange what we all should remember when discussing politics or culture and that is that, even though you may be one of the most laid back people in the world, everyone has their hot button issues. Joe seems like a really chill, awesome guy, but he gets super worked up about weed (an issue he’s particularly passionate about). For other people it may be social security, abolishing the Federal government, religion or even anime. Everyone has a trigger issue.

The second thing we should remember is that, if you’re a dick, no one will give two shits about an issue you’re passionate about, and you could potentially do your cause more damage than good in the long run. How we talk about things matters. How we treat other people does matter. The reason our culture is falling apart today is multifaceted, but it springs largely from this sort of adversarial mindset that becomes hostile toward those who believe differently from the very first sign of disagreement. To Rogan’s great credit, and I imagine it’s because he’s a really decent guy, he did post an apology when he posted the episode online, saying that he does genuinely like Crowder even if they disagree on things.

Lastly, it’s important to remember to stay humble. Rogan has said he “isn’t married to his ideas” and, largely, his podcast embodies that spirit. He has a variety of interesting guests on on a regular basis and does a great job of letting them communicate their ideas. Humility paves the path to enlightenment, and it’s something everyone could do with a little more of, myself included.




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