The creeps in Washington DC aren’t enjoying the spotlight shining on them. New reports are coming forward that interns and assistants in our nation’s capital have a “creep list”, filled with names of powerful legislators who no woman would want to be caught alone in an elevator with. Powerful and influential Democrat Al Franken’s name has been shown to be on that list. Who else?

Meanwhile, those same Washington elites are touting their new “tax reform” bill. However, there can be no true reforms without spending cuts.

Government has no money of its own, because it doesn’t produce anything. All money it spends it first needs to steal from the public. It can do this three ways – direct taxes, debt, or inflation. Unless government cuts spending, it will continue to tax. Perhaps it will lower the official “rates” of taxes, but if the spending is paid for through debt or inflation, we haven’t actually had any real reduction in taxation.

Capitol Hill staffers have a ‘creep list’ of male lawmakers who are known for sexual misconduct