What is the biggest threat to Americans? Ironically – it’s being BIG; and fat, and out of shape, with a terrible diet. Police aren’t killing kids, and neither are terrorists. Heart disease killed 600,000 Americans last year, compared with 900 police involved fatalities and under 100 American civilians deaths due to terrorism.

Why the MSM refuses to focus on the greatest threat to Americans – ourselves – is beyond outrageous. They want higher ratings, so they point to outside actors as a grave threat to Americans. In reality, far more Americans literally commit suicide than are killed by police or terrorists. Yet, police and terrorists are the only things the MSM focuses on. Sad.

Terrorism Isn’t as Big a Threat as They Say. They Lied to You.

Also, we live in a society where the dumb people reproduce at a far greater pace than the smart people. America will not fall due to outside threats. It will fall because it has become lazy, and it supports and subsidizes counterproductive behavior.

Texas toddlers die after being left in car 15 hours

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