Theresa May

Theresa May is using a terrorist attack as an excuse to put government’s boot on the neck of private technology companies in the name of security. What a shame!

The podcast starts off with a discussion of Alex Jones, and how his interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly has sparked outrage from the left. Keep in mind, his 4 hour interview has been cut down to 11 minutes, but the left can’t contain themselves. JPMorgan is pulling their advertising. Interesting. You can judge a man by his enemies…

Sadly, it has become clear that Theresa May, touted as a “conservative” is using terrorism as an excuse to expand government power. According to May, Britain must join with other governments and fine technology companies like Google and Facebook if they allow “extremists” to promote “dangerous propaganda” online. What exactly defines “extreme” though? Is the Tea Party “extreme”?

France Backs Theresa May’s Plan To Crack Down On Tech Firms Like Facebook And Google

Terrorism Isn’t as Big a Threat as They Say. They Lied to You.

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