Ep 257 – Seattle’s Minimum Wage

Ep 257 – Seattle’s Minimum Wage

Seattle's Minimum Wage

Seattle’s minimum wage is proving to be an overall negative for the city. Not only are people’s hours being cut, but they’re bringing home $125 less each month. While a Berkeley study disagrees, it uses the fatal economy flaw of focusing on one group of people rather than the entire effected population. The minimum wage law is turning out to be bad overall. No surprise there.

Milwaukee is the home of the Podcast, and when Police Chief Ed Flynn blamed lawful concealed carry for the city’s problem with violence he stepped in it. Not only is this remark from Flynn wrong, but it put him on Tim’s shit-list. It’s time for Flynn to go!

New study casts doubt on the benefit of Seattle’s $15 minimum wage

“An irresponsible law:” Chief Flynn says concealed carry law contributes to violence

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