CNN called out the Reddit user who came up with the now infamous GIF of Donald Trump beating up Vince McMahon years ago. They went the extra mile in finding the user, and once he learned that his identity could be found, he quickly deleted all of the racist, bigoted, and anti-Semitic things he’d be posting. Not only that, but he issued an apology, and even went on to compliment journalists for “putting their lives on the line” to bring us the news.

One lesson to take away from this is that CNN cares too much about people on Reddit. Another takeaway is that people on Reddit, who refuse to use their real names or pictures, are basically cowards. Tough guys online – frightened children in real life.

Another sad realization is that the President of the United States, a 71-year old man, a husband, father, grandfather, and current “leader” of the “free” world, is posting memes and GIFs like a teenage girl. Trump, the mainstream media, and online trolls all need to grow up!

How CNN found the Reddit user behind the Trump wrestling GIF

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