Ep 324 – The GOP Tax Plan

Ep 324 – The GOP Tax Plan

tax plan

The “Big Six” has unveiling a basic framework for their new tax plan, and sadly, it is a bunch of nonsense that is more of a cup and ball game than real reform. Some deductions are increased, others are lessened. Some rates are lower, but who they apply to remains to be known. Both parties agree that no matter what, the new tax plan needs to be “revenue neutral”, meaning the U.S. economy will more or less be taxed as a whole as much as it is currently.

This isn’t reform! Politicians claim to want a “revenue neutral” plan, but in reality, it shouldn’t be revenue neutral. There’s no reason this necessarily needs to mean larger deficits. Just CUT SPENDING! There is no alternative voice in Washington. Neither party actually wants to cut spending, and neither party wants to cut taxes. The GOP plan for tax reform is just an illusion.

That isn’t the worst of it though. The plan laid out still needs to be rewritten by legislators and voted on. Before the American people will really know what is in it, it’ll be chopped up, rearranged, and repackaged to make it seem like everything it isn’t. Shame on our politicians!