Chris Brown teamed up with R Kelly to produce the hit song “Juicy Booty” and some are outraged by the fact that the recent album is selling so well. If anyone is to blame – it’s women! Men aren’t buying Chris Brown albums. Women are!

The problem isn’t men, and realistically, it isn’t women. It’s STUPID people! Weinstein was ousted because his audience included people who watch the news and have morals. Brown’s audience is very different. Quite frankly, it’s dumb poor people who listen to his awful music.

Is that racist? No! If racism was as rampant as leftists claim it to be, black people wouldn’t be vandalizing their own cars and blaming it on white people. In the 1960s, when there WAS real racism, there was no need to construct fake hate crimes. Today, because racism is far less prevalent, social justice warriors have to fake it.

Chris Brown and R. Kelly’s new collaboration shows how toxic men still rule music