Evil comes in many forms and some are more obvious than others. The current Saudi blockade of Yemen is something that isn’t talked about much in U.S. media, but it is causing a famine effecting millions of people. Since when do the “good guys” starve millions of innocent people?

Prior to talking about this, Tim delves into October economic numbers, and reaffirms that America is on a highway to hell if it doesn’t fix the problems with entitlement programs. Republicans have the power to change America’s future, but having the power doesn’t mean having the spine.

Hollywood stars Charlie Sheen and Jeffrey Tambor are being accused of rape and sexual harassment respectively. Perhaps Hollywood should take a look in the mirror before it points fingers at middle America. And perhaps America should look at the destruction its allies are causing before it points fingers at nations such as Russia or China.

October Unemployment Numbers

UN: Yemen facing massive famine if blockade not lifted