Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for Jeff Sessions’ U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, is being accused of sexual assault of multiple women, including a 14 year old. While some right-wing commentators claim there’s nothing to see here, let’s face facts. If Moore was a Democrat, would they have the same attitude?

Media Matters tried to drag Alex Jones down, but in the process made Tim laugh. Their excerpt of the show featured Jones interrupting his guest seven times in a row. Regardless of the issue at hand – the clip was worthy of a laugh.

Elites from the Washington Post claim that Americans are not taxed enough! Yes, we have deficits, but the driver of those deficits is excessive spending, not “not enough tax revenue”! Statists continue to get this issue WRONG!

He Said ‘Marry Me.’ She Said ‘No.’ So He Broke Her Neck.