Ep 378 – Teacher Walkout

April 2, 2018
April 2, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 378 – Teacher Walkout

A full blown teacher walkout is underway! Teachers from multiple states are demanding higher pay, distressed about changes to their pensions, and are upset about a lack of funding to their schools. Despite the American public education system spending more per pupil than many other countries, it is still the worst among industrialized nations. If these teachers are putting out such a poor product, why do they deserve a raise?

Not only that, but the average pay for teachers ranges from $45k-70k/year, yet some are claiming they need other part time jobs in order to make ends meet. Sounds like these teachers need a lesson in budgeting and personal finance!

There’s an update on the Sacramento shooting from a few weeks ago. Once again, a person broke the law, was chased by police, and was then shot. There are two simple rules for not getting shot by police. First, don’t break the law in the first place. Second, follow the direction of police officers when they stop you. Obey these two simple rules and you’ll never be killed by cops.




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Tim Preuss

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