Ep 381 – Trade Wars!

April 5, 2018
April 5, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 381 – Trade Wars!

Trade wars between the United States, China, and other parts of the world appear to be underway. Soon after President Donald Trump announced new tariffs on Chinese imports, China responded with its own proposal, 25% import taxes on over 100 American products, amounting to more than $50 billion annually.

Before specifics of any new tariffs are discussed, however, We the People need to understand the effects of tariffs. The positive effects are seen in temporary boosts for domestic industries, and the negative effects are rarely seen or properly attributed to increased taxes. Remember: Tariffs are TAXES on US!

McDonalds employees are continuing to complain that their wages are not high enough. However, if they took a little responsibility for their own success in life, they’d be too busy at a new job to complain about their time working in fast food. The left hates the idea of taking responsibility for its own failures. The fact is: if a McDonalds employee wants a better wage, either do a better job, or GET a better job!




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Tim Preuss

Tim Preuss is the founder and CEO of Preuss Media LLC. Along with writing for PreussPodcast.com, he hosts the Tim Preuss Podcast Monday through Friday, available on iTunes, and regularly interviews prominent personalities within the liberty community.
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