Ep 383 – False Flag

April 9, 2018
April 9, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 383 – False Flag

There has been yet another false flag attack in Syria, with rebels and the infamous FAKE rescue workers known as the “white helmets” declaring that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons again. America’s response is not yet known, but President Trump took to Twitter early Sunday morning to denounce the attack.

What isn’t clear is why Assad would conduct this attack. The answer: He wouldn’t. The world is working hard and using propaganda pushed by all of main stream media to draw America into another war and participate in regime change yet again. America isn’t the only master of puppets in the world. Russia is a master as well. If America leaves Syria soon (as Trump recently said it would), then before the battles are over, there needs to be an American puppet, not a Russian one.

The Syrian war, which was created by the CIA, has always been about one thing – regime change. This is why the fake news is pushing unproven and false stories about Assad, Putin, Iran, and anyone else who isn’t a peaceful little puppet of the globalists in Washington.

Also in this episode – the fake outrage over Facebook’s use of users’ personal data to target advertising towards them. If you’re so outraged, why are you still on Facebook?!




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Tim Preuss

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