Ep 403 – The Department of Injustice

May 7, 2018
May 7, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 403 – The Department of Injustice

The DOJ ought to be renamed to the DOI: Department of Injustice. Despite not being a fan of Donald Trump the man or Donald Trump the politician, Tim admits that this FBI investigation has gone on long enough and is destroying the credibility of the Justice Department. 16+ months of “investigating”? No. 16+ months of witch hunting. What a disgrace!

The DOI no longer cares about evidence of Russian collusion. That horse has been beaten to death. Now its mission is simply to put the pressure on anyone close to Trump, and get them to “flip”; i.e. LIE about the President so impeachment proceedings can begin.

The FBI has shown the American people that they are muddled in political grime as much as any elected officials. The Justice Department acts as though no one has authority over it. Congressional subpoenas are ignored and released documents are filled with redactions. Who is in charge here? Why has it taken so long? Why has “Russian interference” turned into tabloid scandals involving a porn star? This is a joke, and Jeff Sessions ought to be ashamed.

Fire Robert Mueller. Fire Rod Rosenstein. Fire Jeff Sessions. These guys aren’t doing their jobs. We the people make the rules; not the FBI.

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Tim Preuss

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