Ep 406 – Schneiderman the Hypocrite

May 10, 2018
May 10, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 406 – Schneiderman the Hypocrite

#MeToo hero Eric Schneiderman has been outed as the same kind of man he claimed to despise. Four women have come forward accusing him of choking, slapping, and spitting on them during sexual encounters. They make it very clear – this was NOT consensual roleplaying. A larger question remains… why, despite sexual harassment being shunned in society, does the problem remain, even among liberals?

Part of the problem may be that GOOD men are no longer elevated. The news focuses solely on the abusers, the adulterers, the scumbags. The truth is that most men ARE GOOD, and still want to be chivalrous. Unfortunately, chivalry has been deemed to be sexist, and women are no longer treated as the treasures they are. Sad. Very sad.

Also – Free range parents are now a thing. “Back in my day” being a free range kids was just called being a kid. Riding bicycles, playing at the park, walking home from school – these were things that most kids did, without parental supervision. Now, one state felt it needed to write a law just to make it NOT illegal to let kids be kids.




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