Ep 408 – Bureaucratic Waste

May 14, 2018
May 14, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 408 – Bureaucratic Waste

Bureaucratic waste is wrecking havoc in every corner of American life, including the investigation into the Parkland shooting. The school district, the police, the FBI, the media – everyone involved is confused. Did the school knowingly hide the violent nature of this shooter years ago and potentially let a future killer walk free? It is impossible to know until the records are officially made public, but getting that information is like pulling teeth considering all of the hoops there are to jump through.

The latest terrorist to strike Paris was once again on the terrorist watch list. Big surprise! It seems like every time someone like this happens, the authorities knew about it, and never took action. Government is failing at its most important job – protecting the lives of law abiding civilians. Unfortunately, the FBI, CIA, DOD, NSA, etc are all filled with clutter.

Bureaucracies don’t run well. The more money thrown at them, the more people it takes to do the same job, which means the job is done slower. A lean government not only costs less, but serves the people in a better fashion.




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Tim Preuss

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