Ep 480 – Saudi Puppets (Part II)

August 23, 2018
August 23, 2018 Tim Preuss

Ep 480 – Saudi Puppets (Part II)

In Part II of a revealing report on Saudi Arabia’s hold on American politics, Tim delves into the Clinton’s connection by reading various leaked emails from Wikileaks’ dump from 2016. Most news outlets only mentioned them briefly, but Tim actually reads them, on air, and connects the dots no one else is willing to connect.

American foreign policy isn’t guided by who uses guns on who, but by which guns are used. If American weapons are used to kill innocent people, the American government is silent. If Russian guns are used on innocent people, there’s an outrage. Just compare the reaction to Saudi Arabia attacking civilians in Yemen versus the Syrian government defending itself from radicals.

Clinton isn’t the only one with ties to the middle east’s greatest threat. Donald Trump has refused to properly call out the nation for its human rights abuses. Why? Because there are billions of dollars at stake. Those “great deals” Trump talked about included deals with ruthless dictatorships. Perhaps he failed to mention that in his campaign speeches.

Still though, it all comes back home. The Manafort trial, the “Russian collusion” conspiracy, and the 2016 election are not what they seem. The governments of the world, led by the United States, have only one true enemy. The TRUTH. It is the truth they are after, and they will continue to attack Trump until he gives up who they really want: Julian Assange.


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Tim Preuss

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