Katy Perry Donates $10,000 to Planned Parenthood

November 13, 2016
November 13, 2016 Tim Preuss

Katy Perry Donates $10,000 to Planned Parenthood

Pop singer and open Hillary Clinton supporter, Katy Perry, has decided that in the wake of Donald Trump’s election she ought to donate to causes she believes in, because… well, who knows what the Trumpster will do.

Katy Perry make a public donation of $10,000 to Planned Parenthood, writing on her Instagram account, It’s time to turn words into action. There are so many steps to take, but my first vow is to support organizations that may have their funding support taken from them in the future by the government.”

While Perry’s donation is exactly what the country needs – an outpouring of private voluntary donations, rather than tax payer forced at gun point funding – many doubt whether donations from generous celebrities will be enough to keep organizations like Planned Parenthood above water, should their government funding cease.

However, this is the way the market works. If an organization cannot bring in enough money, either from collecting fees or from donations, then the market doesn’t really value it all that much, which is all the more reason government should not be subsidizing it.

One does wonder, why Katy Perry, who racked in $135 million in 2015 alone, would be so stingy with her donation. Come on, Katy, pay your fair share!




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