One Celled Creature

February 6, 2017
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February 6, 2017 Spot Williams

One Celled Creature

There has been a lot of protesting and rioting since the general election and subsequent inauguration of President Donald Trump. A few of these events, just to name a few, include the Women’s March and Pro-Life March in Washington, D.C., and the rioting against Milo Yiannopolous at the University of California – Berkeley.

Seeing all of these events happen in the news has me remembering a song from a band that I used to listen to while I was an angsty and rebellious teenager. The song is One Celled Creature by NoFX.

While I have grown out of that genre of music, and left a lot of those ideological talking points in the dust, there are a lot of messages in these punk rock songs that have stuck with me and formed by ‘libertarian’ point of view.

But we aren’t here to talk about my teenage years. Below are the lyrics of the song, followed by my interpretation and what those on the left should take away from the song.


Life on a mattress, in a robe, in a room full of emptiness.

Knowledge has much better uses than self-pity, and superiority.

Maybe you are, or could be the next Hoffman, Mahatma, or Chomsky

But no one will ever know.

Are you saying music can’t have a positive influence on society?

Not with shitty melodies, it won’t.

The sum of your parts are not going to change any hearts.

Not with hate in your eyes.

In order to lead by example you have to show a path to a better world.

Not a cell.

I believe that the left should listen to the words of this song for one main reason. If they want any chance of winning state legislatures, governorship’s, midterm elections, and the next presidential election. They need to stop doubling-down on what lost them the 2016 race.

It doesn’t matter how much money George Soros pumps into rioting and protests. People will never hear the idea of an individual if they are locked up in a jail cell. Use words instead of violence.

But if you believe that this is the way forward, continue. Soon most of the country will be red, controlling state legislatures, and being able to convene a constitutional convention and carve into stone something that you really don’t like.





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Spot Williams

Spot Williams knowledgable in international relations, and foreign policy. Mike is also well versed in Constitutional law.
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