WATCH LIVE: Berkley Protests Continue Despite Coulter’s Absence

April 27, 2017
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April 27, 2017 Tim Preuss

WATCH LIVE: Berkley Protests Continue Despite Coulter’s Absence

Last week Ann Coulter announced that even though protests loomed, she planned on giving a speech at U.C. Berkeley regardless. The radical antifa protesters didn’t scare her. This week, after the university pulled out, Coulter’s own sponsored backed down as well. Her speech was cancelled. Still, protests ensue, despite Coulter’s absence.

Starting early Thursday morning, protesters began to gather, and by 1:00 in the afternoon, several arrests had been made. One made was arrested after refusing to remove a mask and identify himself.

Sproul Plaza, an area on the U.C. Berkeley campus where students regularly gather for various activities was thought to be the scene of Coulter’s speech. Even after she cancelled, hundreds have begun to gather. Berkeley Police have issued a list of restricted items in the Plaza, including everything from firearms to umbrellas.


It isn’t just antifa that is gathering. Coulter’s supporters have come out to show their solidarity with her, and President Donald Trump. It looks as though tonight could be another night of violent clashes between Trump supporters and antifa. This morning, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and Mayor Jesse Arreguín said in a joint statement, “If you are at a demonstration and you see violence, separate yourself. Keep a distance from violence.




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