Report: 1,500 London Acid Attacks Since 2011

April 1, 2017
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April 1, 2017 Tim Preuss

Report: 1,500 London Acid Attacks Since 2011

Through a Freedom of Information request, the U.K.’s The Mirror revealed that nearly 1,500 acid attacks have taken place in London since 2011. In 2016 alone, 431 attacks took place, a rise of 170 from the year prior.

While covering the news, Yahoo! reported that the rise in acid attacks seems to be linked to “gang violence”. Jaf Shah, executive director of the support group Acid Survivors Trust International, told the Guardian, “Looking at the data in general, there is a fairly large probability that a high percentage of the incidents are male-on-male attacks and most likely to be gang-related.”

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld was quick to point out the ridiculousness of the gang theory.

Even on the ASTI official website, the blame for the acid attacks isn’t really given. The nature of the attacks can be “a form of gender based violence, perhaps because a young girl or woman spurned sexual advances or rejected a marriage proposal.” In what countries are arranged marriages common?

The article managed to give a breakdown of what boroughs of London have seen the highest numbers of attacks.

The Newham borough saw the highest – at 398 – and also has the second highest population of Muslims, at 32%.

Newham neighbors the second highest borough, Barking & Dagenham, 134 attacks. Barking & Dagenham also saw the second highest rate of decreased white British-born residents (-35%), and saw a huge influx of immigrants (+205%) from 2001-2011.

The third borough on the list, Tower Hamlets, 84 attacks, is now commonly referred to as “The Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets”.

The fact that the most dangerous areas of London are all heavily populated by Muslim immigrants isn’t a coincidence, but that won’t stop the politically correct media from instead labeling the attacks simply as “gang violence.”




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