Beginning of the End of Fiat Currency

July 15, 2017
July 15, 2017 Jamie LaGrow

Beginning of the End of Fiat Currency

The central bankers are beginning their move to get rid of cash. They’ve already conducted experiments of this in other countries. Different individuals at different times were in favor of removing the hundred dollar bill at various times. The war on cash has begun to escalate. The payment networks want to kill cash, like VISA and Mastercard. They want to push everyone into using credit and debit cards only. How do they accomplish this? Well, VISA is pushing a new offer for small merchants. Take thousands of dollars from the card giant trying to upgrade their payment technology, but in return the businesses must stop taking cash altogether. The company unveiled the initiative on Wednesday, as part of a broader effort to steer Americans away from cash. The paper fiat currency.

Now, if a consumer goes into a store that is enrolled in this offer, there will be no paper cash accepted at that location. The hope is that as more and more stores do this people will stop using cash. There are going to be problems and hiccups especially at first. We have restaurants that prefer to use and accept cash. The waiters and waitresses prefer it for obvious reasons. People are also complaining that with the new chip in the credit cards that’s been developed for this reason takes way too long to actually receive payment from the time that the service is first offered. Before when you swiped a card the payment was instantaneous, now it’s an entirely different story. There is much more information transferred over to keep track of every little and larger thing you purchase.

Visa Begins Bribing Merchants To Stop Taking Cash

The central bankers already control over ninety percent of our economy, but the prize for them of course is another monopoly. They want control of the entire economy, they want to know where every cent and dollar goes, what it goes for, and whose money is paying for it. They want to know it all, the transactions and purchases of the entire human population. These people will be able to control and watch everything you do. There’s no need to spy because all the information will be flowing to their screens with a simple keystroke, and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

Moving from paper fiat currency into digital currency isn’t in itself a bad thing. It’s the fact that it’s centralized and controlled. If the digital currency were decentralized, then it would be a totally different story. Perhaps free market would actually be able to enter the picture. As it stands right now, the forced centralization of our money is never a good thing, not just for the sake of our own privacy and dignity, but this will be the death of a free market. They will be able to exert more control over what you spend your money on, how much, and affect our quality of life by definition.

They are just starting the block chain technology. While the central bankers and corporations are pushing the idea that this system will free humanity, what they are actually doing is developing a way to enslave the entire world population. There will be the central block chain technology within their systems. Then there is the decentralized block chain system, where the central bankers have no control. There will be a battle between these two systems. The central banks will not surrender what they have and they will not stop fighting to take control of the few systems that they still haven’t any control of.

The CBO has looked at the entire economy, and they have decreed that the way the economy is running now, so disconnected between consumer confidence and real hard data – is not sustainable. Everything that Trump has been trying to do cannot be honored because the United States debt is unsustainable itself, and we might even be headed for another financial crash.

We know that the FED has said that they won’t be raising interest rates. They have actually described our economy as normalizing and stabilizing, and they’ve been heard saying that they’ll be unwinding their balance sheet. Yellen said that as this happens she will make sure she keeps an eye on the flattening yield curve to make sure that it stabilizes. As this continues it will get more out of control. We have seen the same pattern before, it’s nothing new. Going back to 2004-06 they did this same exact thing. The economy then was much, much stronger. We hadn’t had a true financial crisis in many years. Americans were working in the economy, actually buying homes and spending their money. Today there is none of that. This economy has been branded the ‘ghost economy’ by the financial experts.

Americans are now sitting on the sidelines. It was a very different situation ten years ago. What we are seeing in the stock market, the housing market, around the entire country is where the central bank has taken control. They are the ones with hedge funds and investment companies, they are the ones responsible for creating this illusion. Over a hundred-million people are sitting on the side lines because they can’t find work. These people are looking, but there are no jobs to be had. Many of these individuals are only working part time, and yet they are counted as full-time jobs. The amount of American workers holding more than one job are at all-time highs. These people aren’t buying any homes.

This is all by design. By looking at the balance sheets you can see eight-hundred and thirty-eight billion, or forty percent of it all belongs to foreign banks.

1999 we had a stock bubble. The 2007 bubble. Remember how everyone said that it wasn’t that big of a bubble because stocks weren’t as expensive as they were during the tech bubble? How did it turn out though? When the bubble did pop it left us in the greatest financial crisis of our time. The worst in eighty years. Today’s bubble- is much larger than the one from 2007. Arguing that the stocks are cheaper than they were during the tech bubble doesn’t hold water any longer.

The S&P500 price to sales ratio- called the psratio- are now in a territory not seen since the 1999 market bubble. However next to the bubble that we are stuck in now, the 2000 bubble is only a blip on the screen. We are almost at the exact same place in the market today, only the stakes are much higher. Earnings data, cash flow, book value, these are all financial data points that can be massaged via the many types of gimmicks they use. As a result of this, the valuing stocks priced on earnings, priced to cash flow, priced to book flow can all be moved to inaccurate valuations.

One thing not very easy to manipulate is sales. Sales- it’s very hard to massage that kind of data. Either the cash made it in the door or it didn’t. If a company is caught faking it’s sales number, most of the time people go to jail. Not always of course- given our broken system. The fact that stocks are now trading at a psratio that is rivaling the tech bubble, the single largest financial bubble in history- tells us that we are trading at astronomical levels. These levels are associated with stagnant levels of excess.

Bank of America is saying, “The most dangerous levels for markets will be rising rates combined in three or four months time, with an inflection point in corporate profit”. This means that something will go down three to four months from now. The hours of work necessary to buy a unit of the S&P500 has risen to an all-time high. The last time we saw this was in 1999. We are at that same exact point once again and this will not end well.




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