Massive Silver Demand from the Military

April 8, 2017
April 8, 2017 Greg Steinberg

Massive Silver Demand from the Military

Most people think of silver as a pretty, shiny metal used for jewelry, but it can also be used as money. Not just that, but it is also used for electronics because of its conductive properties.

I saw something posted online about 500 ounces of silver are used in tomahawk missiles. I thought, how can that be possible? That is a massive amount of metal. So I looked into it, and found information about how this was/wasn’t possible.

A tomahawk missile weighs 1500 kg, or 3300 lbs. The claim is that there is 15 kg of silver within the missile. A tomahawk missile costs $830,000. At current market price, 15 kg of silver costs around $8700, or 1% of the cost of the missile. So, it really isn’t a big portion of the cost. If all the silver is used for its battery, which is possible, that could account for the need for all that silver.

Two nights ago the US Navy launched 59 missiles at a Syrian air base. That means that with one attack, 29,500 oz of silver was used. Is it possible to get this metal back? No, it was blown to pieces.

If there is a war that breaks out, it would just speed up the shortage of silver. Silver is used for many things, and is more rare than gold. So I expect that silver will have shortages arise, and may be too rare to be used as money.




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