Why America Should Fire Stephen Colbert

May 4, 2017
May 4, 2017 Ben Preuss

Why America Should Fire Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is popular, but I’ve never understood why. Years back when he impersonated a republican on his “pro-American” show, the Colbert Report, he had somewhat of a uniqueness which defined him and helped gain some popularity. However, even then I never laughed at his jokes. Personally, I thought they were lame.

Like most TV comedians, Colbert has writers who come up with essentially every bit of material he speaks. Still with so-called “professional writers”, his shows haven’t gotten any funnier. Ironically, they’ve gotten worse.

Colbert’s opening monologue, on Monday evening, sunk to new lows. He began by ripping on President Donald Trump. He ended his tirade by stating of President Trump that, “the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

There are a couple things very wrong with this statement, so wrong that CBS would be wise to discipline Colbert and anyone associated with this particular monologue.

First, there is zero need to display such vulgarity, especially on network television. Remember, Stephen Colbert hosts The Late Show on CBS. The use of the term “cock holster” is nothing short of vile. There are countless other ways to continue a rant against the President of the United States without using language that a high percentage of Americans would find offensive.

Second, whether you like it or not, Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America. Legally speaking, anyone can say anything they want about our President. But morally, honorably, respectfully it belittles our entire nation to have the host of The Late Show degrade America’s President with such language.

Imagine the outrage if Rush Limbaugh had called President Barack Obama a “cock holster” for bowing to a Saudi king, caving into the demands of Iranian leaders, or becoming friendly with Fidel and Raul Castro. Rush would have lost everything if he had spoken in such utterly disrespectful, vile manners about the then President of the United States Barack Obama.

Third, while Stephen Colbert was intending to lash out at President Trump, he has inadvertently offended scores of people for using derogatory terms that are arguably very homophobic.

Let the phrase “cock holster” sink in for a moment. Our culture has shifted in such a direction that it is no longer politically correct, or otherwise acceptable within mainstream society to use homosexual references to mock another person.

Stephen Colbert’s use of the term “Cock holster” clearly refers to oral sex that supposedly Trump is giving to Putin, at least that is what his lame joke leads the audience to believe.

But what about that is funny? Again, think critically about this statement.

Colbert uses this homophobic, vulgar term to mock America’s President. And he mocks him by using a sex act that many homosexual couples engage in. These kinds of statements get normal people expelled, written up, severely disciplined and even fired.

I know the media sways in a certain direction, and Trump is hated by the left, so the gloves are off and its a no-holds-barred, war of words with our Commander in Chief, but this is really, really low.

Being the host of The Late Show, a show owned by CBS, Stephen Colbert should be held to a higher standard than this. I would hope that CBS would discipline such behavior in an appropriate manner, because the American people deserve much better, even if its from lame, crappy entertainers.




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Ben Preuss

Benjamin Preuss holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Carroll University. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in political and economic systems, the US Constitution and America's criminal justice system.
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