Chicago Shootings Don’t Take a Break for Christmas

December 27, 2016
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December 27, 2016 Tim Preuss

Chicago Shootings Don’t Take a Break for Christmas

Chicago, the real world’s Gotham City, is setting records. Not just for using posters (yes, literally posters) to promote their fledgeling football team, but also for shootings. In 2015, Chicago had 497 shootings. This year that number is up to 785, and there’s still time for that number to increase.

Just over Christmas weekend, from Friday afternoon through early Monday morning, Chicago had 57 shootings, 11 of which resulted in people dying. Two of the shootings had multiple victims, including one in the East Chatham neighborhood that left 5 dead and two wounded.

According to, in Chicago during 2016, a person is shot every 2 hours, and murdered every 11 hours. Shockingly, in only 18.4% of shootings someone is charged and convicted with a crime. That leaves a staggering 80%+ of shootings that are not fully investigated. If you want to hurt people and not be caught, Chicago seems to be the ideal city.

Times have changed, however, with crime moving from neighborhood to neighborhood. Cabrini Green, the notorious housing projects on Chicago’s north side have become relatively safe compared to the Austin and Englewood areas. Austin saw 89 homicides in 2016 alone, and Englewood saw 85. These neighborhoods are literally more dangerous than Afghanistan.

Despite some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S., nearly 90% of fatalities in Chicago are from gunshot wounds, and despite our ever more gender neutral culture, men are the victims of these crimes by a ratio of 9:1.

Thank God for guns, and thank God for women carrying them. According to, 200,000 women use guns each year to fend of sexual assault. It’s not just women though – each year guns are used 80x more often to ward off a criminal than be used by one.

Sadly, this epidemic of violence is not contained to Chicago. Milwaukee, home of the Tim Preuss Podcast, is a more dangerous city than 96% of cities in the U.S. In 2014, Milwaukee was ranked fifth in violent crime, only behind Detroit, Memphis, Oakland, and St Louis, according to FBI statistics.





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