DNA vs. Gender Identity hits Boy Scouts of America

December 30, 2016
December 30, 2016 Ben Preuss

DNA vs. Gender Identity hits Boy Scouts of America

The gender identity debacle has reached the Boy Scouts of America! As reported in the Associated Press, an 8 year old New Jersey girl who identifies as a boy and goes by the name of Joe Maldonado, was kicked out of Cub Scouts. The reason for her removal is simple. Cub Scouts is for boys only.

It is easy to see how the mainstream media and pop culture is taking the news. They are demonizing the Boy Scouts of America for discrimination. You’d be hard pressed to find a news article even referring to 8 year old Joe Maldonado as a girl, even though that’s what she is.

Effie Delimarkos, a spokeswoman for the Boy Scouts of America did defend the decision,

“No youth may be removed from any of our programs on the basis of his or her sexual orientation… Gender identity isn’t related to sexual orientation.”

Unmentioned in any of the current reporting is any question of why Kristie Maldonado, the girl’s mother has not reinforced to her daughter the scientific fact that she is in fact a girl, not a boy. Even the reporting from the Associated Press uses language that is anti-scientific, but obviously very politically correct.

The AP wrote,

“Joe was assigned female at birth but has identified as male for more than a year.”

The sentence suggests that someone arbitrarily chose the 8 year old’s gender, as if it was some toss of a coin decision, heads for male, tales for female. But genetics tell a different story. Written into Joe Maldonado’s DNA is her gender. She is female by all factual, scientific accounts.

Even the idea that Joe has identified as a male for over a year is absurd. A lot of girls like playing with trucks, blocks, getting dirty in the backyard and doing typical boy things. We used to call that being a tomboy. Little kids are confused enough by the sheer fact that they are learning to live life. The last thing little children need is adults screwing them up by telling them they can change their DNA.




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Ben Preuss

Benjamin Preuss holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Carroll University. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in political and economic systems, the US Constitution and America's criminal justice system.

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  1. It says right there. It was the CHILD’S CHOICE. Joe chose to be identified as a boy because that is what he feels is right. Who are you to say that another person’s feelings are wrong? Who are you to say otherwise?? Do you have kids? Have you ever had a conversation with them about gender? Even at 9 years old young kids are already taking account of their own possibilities and the limits gender places on them. Your choice to focus your article on the irrelevant topic about who chose her gender and the “factual science” behind her “absurd” choice makes you come off as the absurd one. You are completely ignorant to the real problem at hand. You don’t see that this is not about her choice but the choices our society makes that stifle and limit our youth. The fact is, this boy does not feel comfortable being forced to conform to gender stereotypes and social roles. This article also attests to that fact and illustrate how objectively harmful and destructive these ideas are to the lives of girls and women.

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