Leftism – Normalizing the Abnormal

February 2, 2017
February 2, 2017 Tim Preuss

Leftism – Normalizing the Abnormal

Decades ago conservatives warned that normalizing the abnormal would have unknown effects on American society. This is the basic philosophy behind conservatism – don’t make big changes to society because we might not be happy with the outcome. Conservatives lost this battle in regard to the traditional family – men and women are both working, both sharing in parenting responsibilities, etc. The effects on children are somewhat debatable, but what is more interesting to reflect on is how these changes in culture decades ago got us to “gender fluidity” today.

The goal may well have been noble – to have a more tolerant society, with less hate and more understanding. Unfortunately, the left overshot and missed the target. In an effort to be more tolerant, we’ve normalized behaviors that statistically aren’t the norm. Homosexuality isn’t normal. This isn’t a moral judgement – it’s a matter of statistics. When a behavior is only participated in by 2-3% of the population, it is not the norm.

At the same time, normal behaviors or feelings have been condemned by the left. It is normal for a straight male to find homosexual lifestyle distasteful. Again, this is NOT a moral judgement, but it has been labeled as “hateful” and “homophobic” to have the normal reaction of repulsion to man-on-man anal sex. Heterosexual men have been shamed for their natural reactions to something abnormal.

To normalize abnormal behavior the left has built a new world that isn’t based in reality. In their alternative world, everything is normal, which implies that reality is subjective. No longer is a man a man because he has XY chromosomes, but because he feels like a man. This means anyone can be anything, and this is being taught on college campuses as “gender fluidity”.

It isn’t unique to gender either. Age fluidity is bizarre but it exists. A person might have been alive for 45 years but identify as a 10 year old. Race fluidity is something too. Rachel Dolezal identifies as black, but a genealogy expert traced back her ancestors and found 4 centuries of white heritage – German, Dutch, Czech, and Swedish. However, because she “feels” like a black person, apparently that’s enough.

Whether the whole SJW craze is just a phase or not remains to be seen. It may go the way of disco once college students graduate, get on a sound career path, start families, and essentially just grow up. However, there are signs that it isn’t going away, and that the rationality of an objective reality has been significantly weakened.

We see objective reality weakened when leading politicians like John Lewis call Donald Trump an illegitimate president. Either Lewis is just unaware of the facts, or he honestly believes in an alternate reality – one where Trump didn’t win the election. This mindset trickles down and we see it on campuses when students march with signs saying “Not my president”. Well, sorry. He is. He’s mine too, and I didn’t vote for him myself. But I live in reality, and reality is not subjective.

It will become increasingly difficult for justice to function in this world of subjectivity. In order laws to be just, they need to be based on objective reality. “Feeling” like someone hurt me is NOT the same as them actually hurting me. How in the world could “micro aggressions” ever be an actual law when the key point of micro aggressions is that the person doing it doesn’t even know they are?

The left’s world is a bizarre world based on feelings, which are subjective, rather than on facts, which are objective. The left’s assault on societal norms is one facet of their overall goal of living in a subjective reality.




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Tim Preuss

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