Preventing Another Berlin Style Attack

December 22, 2016
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December 22, 2016 Ben Preuss

Preventing Another Berlin Style Attack

Response from the Berlin Christmas market attack highlights a prime reason the attack happened in the first place.

Following the attacks, I read reports, watched media commentators and “professional” analysts. There was one thing very clear from most of the news. No one was admitting the obvious fact that such an attack could have been greatly diminished if Germany’s government had done its role in keeping out the “bad guys”.

The “bad guys” I’m referring to can change over time periods. Right now one of the groups of bad guys is clearly radical Islam. Current bad guys are also people coming from regions that have a direct connection with Sharia based ideologies and a proven track record of threatening western countries with bloodshed and violence on their home turf.

As a brief disclaimer: I am not claiming that everyone originating from these regions are bad guys. In fact, I am sure most of the individuals are upstanding people. With that said, radical Islamic groups have clearly stated their intention to use such refugee flows to gain access to western countries so they can murder western civilians. That fact is a game changer.

So, what are some of the stupid things I have heard uttered as so-called “solutions”. I heard one professional suggest that governments should begin to require a remote “shut off” to commercial trucks. Another one suggested building more physical barriers in public spaces, so big trucks hijacked by Islamic extremists could not reach the people within the barriers. Another suggested mandating commercial truck drivers lock their trucks once inside, and ensure they are locked if they exit the vehicle. None of these pathetic ideas do anything to address the fundamental problem of radical Islamic terrorism inside of Germany.

Ultimately, if you want to prevent your citizens from being brutally murdered by radical Muslims, or bad guys of any sort, you keep out the bad guys. Usually this means through political and military force. In the process, some feelings will be hurt. Some people will label you various derogatory names, but at the end of the day you will be alive and safe within your country. It really is that simple.





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Ben Preuss

Benjamin Preuss holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Carroll University. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in political and economic systems, the US Constitution and America's criminal justice system.
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