Why Slavery Doesn’t Matter

March 14, 2017
March 14, 2017 Robert M. Geaux

Why Slavery Doesn’t Matter

Modern Slavery is the marque that is flaunted in today’s media. It not only includes actual slavery, such as indentured servitude or involuntary servitude, but it also encompasses sex trafficking, child soldiers, debt bondage, and child sex trafficking. Even with this expanded definition, you will not find a single protest, boycott, of any agency, company, or service provider that is implicit in furthering of modern slavery.

While there are several charitable organizations in parts of the world that are happy to receive your tax deductible donation, I have yet to see where their combined efforts have made any measurable difference in reducing any numbers that are available from organizations that track these issues.

The total yearly profit gained from human trafficking is a staggering $32 billion a year. The majority of modern slavery victims are between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. 1.2 million children are enslaved through forced labor and exploited in the sexual industry each year, according to theworldcounts.com, using data from the CNN freedom project.

These are world wide numbers, and because the nature of these slavers is to stay in the dark, they are estimates. Numbers could be greater or smaller. Regardless of these numbers, and regardless of these organizations, the main stream media brings little, if any, light to the situation. It doesn’t matter to the general population. They care more for things that entertain and amuse. Actual issues don’t help ratings for any of the cable news networks, paper press, or their on-line counterparts.

What should be complete and utter outrage is only a apathetic wimper of half efforts and failed policy. 150 years after the so called end of slavery, there are more slaves than there ever were in the colonial North America. And nobody has any idea of how many actual slaves there are. The business is evidently booming, but government agencies cannot really agree as to who is, and who is not a slave.

With one definition you have this number, change the definition and you have a different number. Lack of will, political and social, will leave this issue in perpetual limbo, until society has a focus other than that of a new shinny thing

The business goes on, and on.




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