The Return of Cleaning Bitch

April 1, 2017
Posted in Humor
April 1, 2017 Juddy Allen

The Return of Cleaning Bitch

After so many months…so much time, I have met my old foe once again. I sat there , in stall number 2 for several minutes trying to get past the 99th level of candy crush. alas, the answer to its puzzles escaped me. but that was not the folly of the day. NO,…it was that evil wicked cleaning bitch. She accosted me in the restroom of all places. There i was, at peace taking a discrete number two, when lo and behold a voice rang out ” Is anybody in here?”

Now, I must mention the voice came from within the room, not from the door way. She was in the room. Is anybody in here?? Two, count em TWO giant size 13 boots are in the room, and they didn’t give you enough of a clue that yes indeed, somebody was in “here”. Yes you stupid, insipid, inept WHORE!!!!!..Why must you torture me at every available opportunity? I Know the answer to that question, its because she is pure unadulterated EVIL!!!. and I must now make it my mission to destroy her. Well, right after I get to level 100.

I yelled out “Hells yes someone is in here!!! give me a minute or two ok!!”. She sheepishly blurted out a clumsy “Oh I’m sorry, I had no Idea!” Lying fucking whore.

I know, I know she lies in wait for me to enter the restroom, so that she may put in action her plan of ..of shit!! She wants nothing more than to destroy me! she wants to make me suffer as she has suffered.

My only question, my only remaining enigma in this life is, WHY? why would she wish her pathetic life upon me? What is it, that i have done to deserve such vehemence? surely I will go to my grave without these answers. So long as I am able to destroy this creature of pure vile, subversion, then all will be well. I will slay her with intellect, I will defeat her with strength of will, I will overcome her with my tenacity!

“OH SHIT!!” I blurted out as suddenly it dawned upon me i did indeed make it to level 100.




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Juddy Allen

Avid history enthusiast, especially when drunk, and ranting about liberals. I served in the war, don't you worry about which one. 8 years in the navy did things to me. I refuse to talk to someone when pee'ing, them or me, I often have the urge to check if they're getting it into the bottle. I can hold a note singing for 7 minutes.
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