Blurring Unclear Lines

February 27, 2017
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February 27, 2017 Ande Macpherson

Blurring Unclear Lines

On Saturday, February 18th Mack Beggs, a 17 year old transgender “boy” completed a perfect 56 – 0 season, culminating in championship win in the Texas State Girls Wrestling Tournament. Due to a rule put in place by the superintendent committee of The University Interscholastic League or ULI, Mack, whose family says “he” would rather compete against boys, was forced to wrestle against girls because he is listed as a girl on “her” birth certificate.

Critics of Mack appearing in the Girl’s state championship tournament claim that, because Mack is going through testosterone hormone treatments as part of her “transformation” process, “she” is stronger than her competition and therefore has a competitive advantage. On the flip side, Mack’s supports say the blame lies solely with the ULI for the archaic, discriminatory rule.

As always, I have a few opinions on this matter. First of all, during the Obama administration, professional baseball players Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens were brought in front of congress to testify about their alleged use of performance enhancing drugs, such as human growth hormone and testosterone. Not only was this a circus as the mainstream media covered the hearings as if they were the Super Bowl, but every accomplishment of their respective careers came under fire. Following these hearings, no athlete was safe as players like Peyton Manning and Clay Matthews of the NFL came under fire as well, although allegations against them were found to be untrue. Testosterone has been banned from use in sports at every level of competition and my first questions is – when do the double standards beginning to destroy the sports we love?

Secondly, whether the rule is right or wrong, the rule exists and should be followed. In life there are sometimes unintended consequences for our actions and beliefs. Mack has decided she has a right to become male. In that decision she has made the choice to take the testosterone and is consuming an illegal substance. Sorry, but by the rules in place that disqualifies her from competition. Allowing Mack to use these substances and fight for her right to do so in her quest to transition, diminishes the hard work and accomplishment of the other athletes competing. We have a great freedom in this country to rise up and fight in a peaceful way for change. That being the case if you don’t agree with the rule, rise up, fight it, and get it changed.

Sorry Mack, but to me under the rules set forth you used PED’s and had an unfair advantage over your female competition. There is no room for double standards. In life you find as you go on that sometimes the consequence you face for your decisions are unfair but there is nothing you can do about it except know you made the right decision. This state win for you doesn’t prove a point, it just blurs unclear lines even more.




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Ande Macpherson

Ande Macpherson graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater with a bachelors in economics. He's a longtime friend, and guest of The Tim Preuss Podcast.
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