HuffPo Continues Their Attacks on Bannon

February 8, 2017
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February 8, 2017 Tim Preuss

HuffPo Continues Their Attacks on Bannon

The left’s favorite online source for news, The Huffington Post, is continuing its assault on Donald Trump’s close advisor, Steve Bannon. In addition to being labeled a racist and anti-semite, Bannon is now an “apocalypticist”.

In order to prove this, HuffPo put out a highly edited video of clips of Bannon speaking about war, and the clash of western culture and Islamic culture. Bannon describes American history as cyclical, and America has already had three major crises: the American revolution, the civil war, WWII, and Bannon believes we are approaching another crisis.

While the writers at Huffington Post love to attack Bannon, all they did in this case was show that he is well read and knowledgable about American history. Perhaps it would serve them well to do a bit of reading of their own.




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Tim Preuss

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