In The Beginning…

March 27, 2017
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March 27, 2017 Jeremy Ellis

In The Beginning…

As with all things in life, there is a start. A beginning, a stepping off point to put in motion events that will shape and mold the future either negatively or positively. The outcomes are our wagered hopes, best guesses, or intentions. These beginnings require nurturing, care, understanding and patience. Virtues some of us have learned, mastered, and study…unless you’re an immature politician whose sole purpose is anarchy.

Of a standard four year term, President Donald J. Trumps’ administration is in its infancy. Unfortunately, its been mired in gross accusations, false reporting, narrow minded objectivity, and outright resistance. In 70+ days the President has accomplished more than his predecessor did in 8 years. Its hard trying to undo damage, some of it irreversible, or just to slow the spread of ill-gotten legislation. Results are slow coming, but they are coming.

As I write this, we “deplorable” who are ardent backers of Donald Trump’s presidency have been dealt a sting at the hands of our first defeat in these new days. What should have been a full on replace and repeal of the “Affordable Care Act” were handed the palatable “Obamacare Lite” instead. Now, President Trumps’ campaign promise of the immediate repealing and replacing of the “ACA” as agenda item one has been a failure. The Republicans wanted to undo in 70+ days what it took Democrats 8 years to instill, build, and like a cancer, spread through the land of the free. Their intentions were good, but the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.

If they, our elected Republican officials, wanted to do this correctly, they would have approached this logically. They would have sat down with their Democratic counterparts, and through compromise and discussion, created a plan. A plan of vital and strategic accuracy that would have approached the current cancer that is the ACA and began to orchestrate its demise. The ACA was built on a lot of legislation, predicated on lies, and raised to the Heavens as a beacon of former President Obama’s “legacy”. A building of what Americans can rely on for their healthcare rather then the decay we endured. However, like any slum or tenement, corners were cut, “materials” of cheap construction were used, hands crept into the wallet of the federal budget to take a few dollars here and there so the political left benefitted.

President Trump tried to do what he does best and negotiate a new “lease” on a decrepit piece of property, when instead he should have done what any good developer does and raze it to the ground. Remove the garbage, shoddy work and start over, foundation and all.

Dems, in their impetuous ways, like a spoiled child, taunted the Republicans to their faces in what they perceived as a “win” for the American people and the ACA.

Realistically, politicians don’t know the healthcare blight we taxpayers endure, because they don’t have to participate in it. They receive the best healthcare, at our expense, and then try to tell us they understand our frustration. Like the frustration a poor mother and father with 2 children must face with the thought of either higher premiums or an unlawful tax for not carrying health insurance. What about the enduring pain we veterans face at VA hospitals? Brave, courageous men and women, who faced the enemy, awaiting their death or demise, and instead die in shameful conditions.

Let us be real folks – this is a war. A war for the survival of not only our healthcare system, but the very soul of our country. However, our democracy is following the early days of Rome’s demise. Rather than fight in the Senate and the House, elected Democratic officials are calling for anarchy in the streets. How childish. Its sad really, because those the left call on to fight or resist, are either millennials who don’t know the first thing about sacrifice, illegal criminals who are here to leach off the American taxpayer, or “refugee” men too afraid to fight for their own country.

The beginning is always the hardest. Starting a diet, trying new things, even the restoration of the beacon that is the symbol of hope to the world, America. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; we are on our 5th step. We will get there because this is only the beginning.




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Jeremy Ellis

Born in Houston, TX, a 12 and a half year Navy veteran who is a true American patriot. A devout Republican with a different view on politics, God, and country; a bit of a philosopher, but a student of all things.
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