There is No Choice, Only Illusion

June 23, 2017
June 23, 2017 Jamie LaGrow

There is No Choice, Only Illusion

We are as the American people are getting the shortest straw. No matter who we elect- the results are the same. The tech giants working for Hillary Clinton are said to have “attacked Trump viciously.”

However these same people came out of the meeting with Ivanka and Jared, praising Trump to the heavens. That can only mean one thing. That we- the American people are about to be screwed. H1 visas are going to be increased instead of decreased, these tech titans will have increased monopolistic power over us, rather than decreased power.

What about the anti-trust division of the justice system that has become defunct. Not being used. All of a sudden now leftists are jumping on the bandwagon saying that it’s time to break up Amazon. Not taking anything away from the great businessman Jeff Bezos, the only question remaining is- how big should a company be able to grow and at what point is it considered a monopoly?

Most people are locked into the last century’s vision of what capitalism should be. Should companies like Amazon be able to grow exponentially without limit? What about a company like Facebook? What happens here is that there is no possibility for competition. It’s reached the point where perhaps we could wake up in the morning and find out that Jeff Bezos just acquired the United States military and has privatized it. It would not be shocking to find out tomorrow that the United States Navy has been privatized and will be run by Donald Trump- with declarations of improved efficiency to we the people.

The reason why monopolies were originally busted up was because they were gaining too much control over their businesses, over the distribution platforms that were used for their products.

If you let an oil company get too big it controls the refineries, the shipping. If you let an airline become too powerful, it controls too many gates. If you let a phone company get too big, it controls all the wires and airwaves that are operating it.

So where does this end? At the beginning of the turn of the twentieth century, after 1903 there was a populist uprising. The robber-barons had gained too much control over the American economy. The oil magnates, Rockefeller, the railroad-barons that were called robber-barons for the reason that they gobbled up everything in their paths. In the process of their wealth and power the people were being crushed. All the poker chips were off the table. There was nothing left for the Americans who wanted to add their businesses to the exchange.

It was then  that Teddy Roosevelt said, ‘Bust the trusts.’ This was one of Roosevelt’s main campaign promises. He won, and the first thing he did was try to break up Standard Oil. This is why it became Standard Oil of Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio. The Rockefeller didn’t just give up and roll over, he created many little sub-companies that he controlled.

We must proceed with caution at this point. It’s not very different today economically than it was at the turn of the twentieth century. You have to fully wrap your head around it, before you can even try to run your feet under or over it.

Why is the military pushing toward a war with Russia? Why is Washington so anxious for war with Russia? Are they that psychotic? Do they not have any understanding where this could lead? Are the liberals that stupid that they want an open conflict with the United States and Russia? Do they understand what is happening as a result of their insanity? All the Blumenthals? All the crazies on the left suddenly want war?

Does anyone understand what would happen if there was a nuclear exchange between us and Russia? Militarily, many believe they cannot beat us. They can’t beat us in the air or sea, however, they are a major nuclear power which the everyone seems to have forgotten in their hatred toward Russia which has been ginned up first by Clinton and her shenanigans on the campaign trail, when she likened Trump to Hitler.

Then there is the issue of ‘Climate Change’, which they know nothing about, none of us know anything about really. We should be focused instead on the Military Industrial Complex pushing us toward WW111.

The Daily Caller is telling us today that Soros is actually backing McCain. Is this even a leftist thing?

This explains McCain’s actions doesn’t it? He wasn’t as crazy as we thought. He was just being paid and directed by a blatant sociopath. There is no right of left wing on this vulture, no right or left side to this beast. There is only a fight against good and evil.

The so-called senator John McCain also has links to the Clintons. There is your bi-partisan

Shocking that Trump is increasing troops into Syria and Afghanistan. But is it really? What did we expect? Haven’t all of our other presidents been diligent in protecting those poppy fields? Here is a question for you- how much of these opium fields do Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerburg own? Either directly or from stocks or some other means? As long as we have so much money put into these fields, into Big Pharma and the medical community, then we can assume they are a huge part of the monopolies mentioned at the outset.




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